Steve Ellis

I’ve been immersed in body therapies for over 30 years and have done more than 30,000 individual sessions. I got started with pre-med studies and clinical work in physical therapy and then traveled the country getting certifications in massage, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga, Feldenkrais, and corrective exercise before ending up in Sarasota to work with legendary stretch therapist Aaron Mattes.

My current fascinations are the use of weight training and interval work to specifically impact the immune system, how weight training can be employed to create new stem cells and mitochondria, primitive movement patterns for stability and balance, gymnastic strength training, targeting the muscles involved in proper posture, and bulletproofing the back.

A typical first session involves looking for patterns of weakness, range of motion limitations, and heart-lung limitations, and then mixing and matching various fitness technologies for the best program.

My clients range from professional athletes to first time exercisers anywhere between 24-87. I especially like to see someone who has very little experience in exercise find out that a body practice can be pleasurable in and of itself.

I use massage and table stretching in my practice as needed to speed recovery from training and help heal chronic injuries.

Ultimately, I work out to have a comfortable and strong pain-free body, and that’s what I aim to achieve with each client.

I am currently a student of Kelly Starret PhD and PT for mobility training, Foundation Training for back health, PT Jeff Cavalier applied exercise, PhD Rhonda Patrick for longevity and anti-aging, MovNat for natural movement, Chris Sommer Olympic coach for gymnastic strength training, and Paul Chek for functional training.

LMT license # MA8054, certified White Lotus Yoga, Aaron Mattes AIS stretching, Paul Chek corrective exercise, neuromuscular massage therapy, lymphatic drainage.