… the professional side

Shauna has been in the fitness industry since the early 1990’s, teaching and instructing group fitness and one to one personal training. As a trainer, Shauna uses a highly personalized approach to physical and nutritional counseling. In her approach to health, wellness and strength training, she also focuses on movement as well as stabilization for protection of the joints and the connective tissues of the body. A crucial part of her training is using active isolated stretching. Although often ignored, stretching is a critical component to any anti-aging wellness program and Shauna integrates stretching as part of her regime for every client. Shauna uses this approach to effectively treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. As we age, muscles tighten and range of motion in joints can diminish. With her specialized stretching approach, she can identify specific problems affecting each individual client.

Certified Personal Training, Certified Foundation Trainer, Certified Fusion Trainer

… the personal side

Shauna has 4 wonderful children and 10 grandchildren and love’s spending time with them. They live in Utah and Pensacola, Florida so she makes the best of their times together. Boating has always been a passion. Her history includes yacht brokering, participation in the National APBA (American Power Boat Association) Offshore Racing circuit and European Barge ownership and touring.

Shauna’s mission is to motivate clients to go beyond self-perceived limitation and take on challenges they don’t think are possible. Self-esteem and motivation is created each time we take that step outside the box. Shauna trains her clients in their private homes, fitness rooms and at Balance Health and Fitness. Past club affiliations include Evolution Health and Fitness and Studio South Fitness.


At the age of 70 years old in September 2018 and fed up with feeling bad from herniated disks, injured knees and shoulders, I walked into Balance Health and Fitness and met Trainer Shauna Grier. I have been active in a variety of sports my entire adult life. However, because of injuries and a lack of overall confidence in a non-surgical solution to my problems I had become resigned to living in pain. Over the past nine months I have trained with Shauna three times a week. Now almost a year later I am a new woman!

Initially, when I began working out with Shauna I felt that I had to accept the fact that I was going to live my life in constant physical discomfort. I have repeatedly had serious issues with walking short distances without excruciating knee pain. Since I have several herniated disks I had experienced frequent serious “flairs” of pain that would last several days. Although I am generally an optimistic person living in pain began to take a toll on my outlook of what type of life style I would have as I began to age.

Shauna’s approach to training is personal, positive and prescriptive. Early on she was able to assess what would be possible for me to accomplish without overwhelming me. She is a good listener and able to teach how to correctly do any exercise by breaking it down into understandable steps. She began with the basics of overall body alignment and range of motion activities. I learned how my bad posture was adding to and sometimes creating neck, shoulder and even knee pain. I am now at the point where I can correct my posture as I stand, sit and walk which removes any pain I am experiencing in the moment. My training has now evolved to a level I could have never imagined. Early on my training included resistance training which mostly used my own body weight. However now I am using a variety of weights, bands and machines. I have learned to trust that Shauna is not going to ask me to do something that will create a new injury. At each stage of my training Shauna has used a gradual and methodical approach to her teaching that creates mastery and builds confidence.

Training with Shauna has changed my life. My experience with Shauna has made a significant impact on not only my physical well being but now I also have a renewed self confidence in my daily life. I have lost weight and have revitalized sense of physical and mental energy. I am now 71 years old and in the best physical shape of my life. I will continue working out with Shauna because I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish! Honestly, the hardest part of working out for me was to find the courage to walk into the front door to meet Shauna. I would encourage anyone regardless of your age or your injuries to begin personal training with Shauna. You will never regret your decision to take charge of your life and become a healthier person!

Martha J Michals
Sarasota, Florida